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Listen or download sermons from Falling Waters Bible Church. We preach the Scriptures expositionally, verse-by-verse, so they are understood in their original context and applied powerfully to our lives today.

Sunday Morning Sermons

Gospel of John

John 12:1-19 | 03.19.23
John 11:45-57 | 03.12.23 | Morning Service
John 11:1-44 | 03.05.23 | Morning Service

Sunday Evening Sermons

Christian Basics: Foundations For Your Christian Walk

Download the Christian Basics packet:

Week 7: Our obligation to God & one another contd. & Growing your relationship with the local church
Week 6: Our obligation to God and one another, contd.
Week 5: Our obligations to God and one another.
Week 4: Growing in our relationship with God.
Week 3: What has God done?
Week 2: Who are we? What is the Christian’s authority for truth?
Week 1: Who is God? What is a Christian?

Special Messages

Baptism & Testimonies | 01.29.23
Becoming a People of Prayer | Acts 12 & 1 Tim. 2 | 01.22.23