Living By Faith: Galatians 2:11-21

We all have the capacity to fall into thinking our good works on God’s behalf are what keep us in God’s good favor instead of Jesus Christ having paid the penalty for our sins. So how do we defeat our inner legalist and live in light of the gospel? 
Living in light of the gospel requires:
  1. Confrontation (2:11-14) – defeating the influence of self-righteous legalists
    1. Peter’s off the path (vv12-13)
    2. Put back on the path (vv14)
  2. Definition (2:15-21) – Defining and clarifying the gospel as the only foundation for Christian living
    1. Defining the Problem: Sinking Under Sins (vv15-16)
    2. Presenting the Cure: Justification by Grace Alone (17-21)

Published by Matt Cable

Pastor of Falling Waters Bible Church, husband to Amber, and father of four.

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