Living By Faith: Galatians 4:21-5:1

Have you ever been in a class discussion with someone who hasn’t done their homework? Paul admonishes the church at Galatia for not having done their theological homework before embracing false teaching. In today’s passage, we learn that the rigorous and regular study of Scripture is the best preventative medicine and the only antidote against theological error. 

1. “Do you not listen…For it is written”
  • Two Mothers: One Free and One a Slave
  • Two Sons: One by Faith and One by Flesh
  • Two Covenants: One by Works and One by Faith
  • Two Locations: Worldy Religion vs. Heavenly Freedom
  • Two Ends: Inherit or Cast Out
2. So Stand Firm in Freedom

Published by Matt Cable

Pastor of Falling Waters Bible Church, husband to Amber, and father of four.

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